4 things Never Ever Come Back

Four things never comes back once it just goes out. So you need to keep it in your mind and be cautious.Life is a journey.We need to make to smart choices.So let us know which are those with out delay.So number one is…….


Once your press the trigger the bullet moves to its target without any second thought and it will never come back into its place ever again.Whether it harms someone or not either way it is gone for ever. So Mind It.

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All the wise people from the starting of the civilization up until now has told it is best to say anything with a proper thought and wisdom.Because once you say anything can not be resolved.You may say sorry but you can not erase it from the heart of people.Once you made a notorious comments it is there always. Sorry may make a new start but recorded word somehow remains unhealed.

In any discussion or argument we must keep our mouth in careful mode

So it is wise to think before you say anything to anyone all the times. It is surely a wise practice.

All the world is mainly relied on trust and faith.We trust in GOD though we did not saw HIM.We trust in companies so invest and work for them.We trust each other for common benefit.To build up trust could take years and years but it takes just a fraction of second to be broke.And once it is broken it is not possible to gain it back. Even in a relationship or in a community once you lost your trust, it is just gone forever.
Finally when we dies it is all over.All the treatments rules laws debts relations every every thing comes to a hold.Once someone dies he or she never comes back.So all your desire and wishes must be finished before you die.Once life is gone to an unknown place for human it is gone for ever and never to come back. NEVER. 

Two photographs of two all time respected figure and biggest icon in entire Bengali society,first Tagore died in 1941 and Sheikh was assassinated in 1975.They achieved their name and fame during their lifetime with their deeds and after death will never come back same like us all.

The all time favorite Bengali poet R.Tagore won Noble Prize in 1913.
The Father of the nation of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur  Rahman  Leaded the Bangladeshi nation for its independence in 1971

In the end I would like to request to all to whom it may concern please do not ignore this and build your life as a success before Mr. Death comes along in your way..May God bless you all.

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