In front of Victoria Harbour  other wise known as Star Ferry Pier.
In this video in bengali(my first language),I explained about 
the activities done here and some general information of star ferry.

 It is a unique story to set star ferry (at the founding  it was known as Kowloon Ferry Company) that the founder was an Indian Parsee merchant Dorabjee Naorojee Mithaiwala,He started it in 1888.

Pleasant ,panoramic scenes fills heart instantly.

 It has been rated first in the “Top 10 most exiting ferry rides”poll by the Society of  American travel writers(SATW) Iin the year 2009.

Its also a huge tourist attraction. People can see the dazzling beauty of this man made city in 360 degree being in the ferry.
For tourists there is some extra water tour programs.They can directly go to the star ferry while visiting in Hong Kong and get all the information and time table through tourists information center.
It is easy and free.Because it is a tourist friendly country.

Crossing from Tsim Sha Tsui  to Wan Chai 

In the night the star ferry also have special water tour package for tourists.It looks so wonderful at night when all the lights, neon signs and eye gazing night decorations appear in front of you.

From star ferry pier some other remote island are also connected through other first ferry and some other public funded beautiful boats also operate watery tours.

This first ferry is connecting the remote islands

So whenever you plan to visit Hong Kong keep this dynamic watery tour in your must go list,because it is in fact going to be one of your most memorable episode in your Hong Kong adventure.

The day I took the photo and videos was a cloudy winter late afternoon but just imagine in a bright sunny day how pleasant  the beauty might be.Last 6 photos are taken in a sunny day..actually the next day. So do not delay.Every season is a nice time to come and visit Hong Kong.HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON.