This title may brought your attention for so many reasons.But here I will just discuss only one factor that may be very crucial for you to ponder.In our

daily personal or social life we often find this cautions. Those may  indicating some specific subjects. But in general I would like to place  this for anyone

on any situation.  With reasonable reasons I can say that you must be aware of people around you. And what they are doing to your life? Is that positive or negative?

It may be anyone, may be one of your closest ally or bosom friend or even some of your family members may be.

Because we human being can really influence each other. One of the greatest power that we have as human being. That’s why we find some teacher or motivational

speaker so dear or close to our heart. We find ourselves as followers with religious teachers,political leaders or actors so on.

Sometimes we may just go and follow some tv shows or programs. But we must be aware of what they are doing in our life’s progress. For personal development you must be

cautious.Don’t just let anyone to pour anything into your brain or in your thought process.

Don’t merely allow anything that you may hear or being asked to do into your comprehensive system. Because sometimes this could be triggered by hidden baits.This is a

big big world of human odyssey.

Here none just say anything merely for fun or without any reason.There must be some hidden secret  kept in their mind or some marketing strategy..We all heard the saying

that there is no free lunch out there.

This is as simple as this.

Of course there are exceptions.We should also keep that in mind.

Having said that I would like to address your needs for your personal development. At the end of the day you are responsible of whatever happens to you. That is what

we call maturity. Now as a mature person we can expect from you the total control of life.So that it will not be easy for anyone to divert you from your plan or way of

handling matters for your life and success.

So be aware of what others say, act or up to.And how do you find that? Is it  a helpful idea or encouragement or diverting attention type of wishful idea or

discouragement. As a leader you must recognize both.That will in fact give you the real power in life.I guarantee.

Failing to recognize these has it’s own disastrous consequences.

If you continue to see or meet people who speaks think speak or act  to grow rich, fabulous and powerful,chances are you too very soon get  used to this

particular ideology.It is very important when your goal is also to become rich fabulous and powerful.But if you discover anyone who is talking differently or

which is not competent with your goal then you must leave him away. Just take only those ingredients which are necessary for your success.Not a chance for

unnecessary things.


So be totally aware of what should you take and what you must reject. Very simple line, take the prescribed medicines and avoid what doctor asked to avoid.

Get a good result and get well soon. So be aware of what doctor urged to do and also suggested to avoid.