Be aware to take someone’s responsibility

In writing the caption I got two special incidents in my mind that I  experienced   in my life. I learnt that it was completely ok and advisable only to take one’s own responsibilities.And by saying so I am not promoting selfishness by any means.First you must take care of your own affairs and duties.In today’s date it is well enough to say I take care of myself for you and you take care of yourself for me.So that we both are responsible of our own .That is simply called self reliance. A very much needed state of mindset.

Now why mustn’t go to give it a try to help out someone else ? Well, being a social being it is good to serve others.In daily life we need to help out each other,that is also true.But a certain limited version of ‘helping others app’ should be downloaded installed in your ‘mental play store’.

Sometimes it’s not only put you in an odd situations  also it could be deadly too.Everyone should do his or her own part  in business life or in daily life and seeking ‘help’ from others should only be the last resort.Vice versa you too must do your best and only, only at the very last moment should seek help.There are some people out there too,who want to put pressures on you and don’t perform their own duties. Yes there are many.

Once the father of the nation of a great country called ‘The United States Of America’ George Washington said, ‘it is better to be alone than in bad company” and about foreign alliances he argued that it was alright to avoid or not to get indulge in other nations problem. He actually on 22th April 1793, issued a neutrality proclamation to define the policy of the United States in response of the spreading war in Europe.I think his vision and goal  was to build U.S. ‘the republic’ first and make it great.If get indulge with other nations problems, their very own problems or causes might not be solved or served.


Now back to my experienced stories,my first incident took place when I was just in 3rd grade in primary.I bought a pen with 3 bucks and it was so nice, combination of blue and black utterly admirable fancy one at least on that stage of age. One of my best friend said he too wanted to get one and requested to buy one for him too.And he gave me 3 bucks.Nothing to worry I obviously could buy one for my friend and it was as simple as it sounds.But I learnt my lesson when I find out the that the shopkeeper refused to sell that pen for 3 bucks. He said it was a mistake by his son who was at the shop when I bought the pen.The pen indeed was of 5 bucks worth.Now I am in a big dilemma whether to  buy with 5 bucks or not.Later I decided to keep my face upheld and  the promise that I had made.But inside my mind some inner self arguments of right or wrong or let’s say some negative vibes were going on.

When I could not console myself after this huge loss of 2 bucks (given on that 3rd grade type of mental stage !!! ) and was quite at a loss how to cope with this situation, whether I should ask for 2 more bucks from my friend or not or what should be his expression on my fact explaining moment,etc etc a lot of things was going on inside my stressed mind.


My father came to my rescue finally and he explained, as I took the responsibilities I must fulfil it, no matter what.He calmly with gentle expressions made me understood that this disputed 2 bucks should  be the ultimate cost of my self education,and warned me to do necessary homeworks first  and check facts earlier if I were to take some responsibilities for sure for others as courtesy in future.

He argued that there was a better option indeed, just provide the address to the one who is planning to buy as yours.After all you are not making a sale here.If you are a seller then that was  a really different story.

Anyway I learnt my lesson costing me 2 bucks and my friend was absolutely happy,but I knew I bought this happiness with my poor 2 bucks.Alas I could not very well tell him that ever.


Few years later I again had to face that kind of similar incident.I was a young fellow finishing my education just started professional life.This time I am on my own in a foreign country namely in Hong Kong.My dad also expired.And I got emotionally touched up with some indian guy at the same age group as my father was and his entire  family living in the same building.Once he saw a beautiful but cheap wrist watch  I was wearing and requested to buy a same model for him along with a nokia mobile same colour same model which I was also using.

With my old days pang story of 2 bucks striking  in my my mental factory ; I very politely refused to do so.And I did so every single time he asked.But he was so nice and kind type of fatherly figure that I could not resist him for long even after I provided all the shop addresses to him.

I made it clear time and time again that  I will not be held responsible if anything happens and he may contact the shop in any dispute.Because those mobiles were sold in a system called “14 days guarantee” sale.

Anyway to cut the long story short,The old man held me responsible for the phone’s minor problem.He could still use the phone but some features may have troubled him what I can not recall but his argument was the watch was ok but the mobile was not.He was asking money back from me.And in the foreign land I found no one to agree siding with my points and I simply had no way to digest 1888 bucks as a lost money.

I already had my lesson in my tender age. For now as my father died no family or friends to make any choice for me or to show the way out.I am all by myself.

So I decided to take the matter to the police.Now I know that I had no written evidences to prove what conversations actually took place between him and me. So my case could no longer go to the court of law may be or even if I had reported the chances were slim for me to prove that he lied. And moreover going to the police and to the court was really something little too much.


Anyway with my intentions heard by his youngest son whom I guess was one of the best understanding guy in the entire family came to resolve this dispute and  took the matter into his hands.He assured me that his father would be given the money by him and he may deal with the shopkeeper or buy a new one for his father and he may use the one that I bought.Thus he freed me from that odd situations.I still pray for him.Wherever he is may God bless him.His father never bothered me ever again until they left the building in next six months.

Moral of the story is take good care of yourself and your own responsibilities.If you are not in business and dealing with products and services,my humble submission is please stay away of providing so called ‘help’.If you are always a helping hand for others and you are not planning to register as a social worker,rather your goal is only wanted to be successful in your own life & business then work on yourself mostly.

Do good to others in moderation on your spare times if you can find any; only for God sake without any financial terms or activities. Hey, rest you unpaid social workers! Stay out of those,PLEASE.

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