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How to start a business

¬†Sakim Serniabet   This is a frequently asked question that I encounter and my answer to this is always the same.That is keep calm.And search then you will get the answer all by yourself.For now let me write it down using some points so that you can remember...

5 remedies for Eczima

LET'S KNOW ECZEMA FIRST: Eczema is a skin disease. Medical science is still struggling to find a proper treatments.In dermatology department it is a big challenge.Also the reason for Eczema is quite unknown. But they say it is a must that you maintain a healthy life...


  I REALLY FEEL IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE IN SHAPE. Yes it was like a miracle but the fact is that I did it. I had had it.I got many stupid comments after and before my fatty condition. Let me tell you what happened before,well I started to gain fat by the end of...

Bangladesh is crisscrossed by rivers.Water way is the main mode of transportation and communications specially with the southern part of the country.It is cheap, adventurous,easy and most of all popular. Thousands of launches,steamers,cargo ship and different types of vessels are available for people and goods transportation.

Reference photo water way ( photo taken in Hong Kong) In the  late 80's. It was a fine Friday evening. Me with my parents started a water journey from Dhaka to Barisal. The name of the steamer was "Shaheed Belayet".It was one of the two most reliable steamers on...

Donald Trump AGE.

No matter how you think things should go the reality is Donald Trump is an elected President and the constitution gave him power to take decisions. Now whether he is being too bad or taking hateful decisions or may be doing something very wrong that is a debatable...

My father was a real simple man. He left us more wisdom than money. In fact he used to say its useless to leave plenty of money for the generation next.But he believed it very strongly that a story of great wisdom might help a lot in their life.So he taught many stories from his life his experience and his success and failure.

 Father taught us about strangers that, remember nobody will come to you and talk about all of your own good.Noway. He or she or they must have their ,her or his own self interest.this way or that waythis how or that how.now or then.open or hidden.Remember this...

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