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Be aware to take someone’s responsibility

In writing the caption I got two special incidents in my mind that I  experienced   in my life. I learnt that it was completely ok and advisable only to take one's own responsibilities.And by saying so I am not promoting selfishness by any means.First you must take...

Why start a Hong Kong based business?

Hong Kong is Asia's world city.People are here smart,rich,knowledgeable,well dressed and friendly of course with money if not with strangers. Places are remarkable with world class iconic buildings that really made the skyline one of the best in the world of its kind....


Few advises that I compulsorily had to obey and learn during all my childhood from my father and which actually I think had made me more mature and nearly adult in my teenage. And as I lost my father as early as my last teenage years. I think he gave me as many as...

বেশি বেশি বই পড়া

বর্তমান এই তথ্য প্রযুক্তির যুগ এবং এই সোশ্যাল মিডিয়ার যে যুগ তাকে আমি বলবো একটি মহান এবং উদার যুগ। এখন ইচ্ছা করলেই আপনি ঘরে বসে পেতে পারেন অনেক অমূল্য তথ্য, পেতে পারেন অনেক উৎসাহ, জানতে পারেন অনেক মানুষের সাফল্যের কাহিনী। অকপটে মানুষ তাদের অভিজ্ঞতা বয়ান করছেন আপনাকে...


In his 1933 inaugural address U.S. president Franklin D Roosevelt said "Nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is a common human characteristic. Sometimes we stuck with it in such a way that makes us feel like impossible and mostly we never even try.Fear will show the...

Be aware of

This title may brought your attention for so many reasons.But here I will just discuss only one factor that may be very crucial for you to ponder.In our daily personal or social life we often find this cautions. Those may  indicating some specific subjects. But in...

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