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Do you have any idea that up until now you were selling goods or services which were not exactly  #1 products or services! Your employers or those companies for which you were working never told you the truth. They simply used you or your time and efforts. They gained...

Few Golden Ideas for Foods

My father was born in early 1920's and he made it until 1998.A quite long and healthy life until his last decade. When he suffered from high blood pressure and shortness in breath.He has beaten up T.B in 1988. And that's all. He could not recall any sickness in his...

Make Money – Sale Your Superb Paintings / Drawings / Calligraphy ?

Are you a serious Artist? Your passion is to create fabulous paintings? Or calligraphy ? And also want to sell them in a good price? Your unique talent or hobby can be turned into a handsome side income. You can sell them online through us. We buy your amazing piece...

How to start a business

 Sakim Serniabet   This is a frequently asked question that I encounter and my answer to this is always the same.That is keep calm.And search then you will get the answer all by yourself.For now let me write it down using some points so that you can remember...

5 remedies for Eczima

LET'S KNOW ECZEMA FIRST: Eczema is a skin disease. Medical science is still struggling to find a proper treatments.In dermatology department it is a big challenge.Also the reason for Eczema is quite unknown. But they say it is a must that you maintain a healthy life...


  I REALLY FEEL IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE IN SHAPE. Yes it was like a miracle but the fact is that I did it. I had had it.I got many stupid comments after and before my fatty condition. Let me tell you what happened before,well I started to gain fat by the end of...

Tea Subscription

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