In his 1933 inaugural address U.S. president Franklin D Roosevelt said “Nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is a common human characteristic.

Sometimes we stuck with it in such a way that makes us feel like impossible and mostly we never even try.Fear will show the dark side, the perilous

side of things which ultimately make us think, OMG, I am not even a match.

But you need to count the price that you are paying.How it is keeping your reach low.Getting more undone in life. And how the potential risk factor

increases your browbeats  in your life. The best thing is to come out fearness and deal with it.If you are courageous enough then possibilities are

the fears itself may fear of yourself.

Tons of testimonies out there.Just pick one of your choice, and work with it.See the result all by yourself.

When I was a little boy I always asked my dad for stories.Mostly of kings and queens story  or sometimes isaps fable.I recall a small sweet story

like fable that my father used to tell me. It was really short and so direct that i considered it was not at all a story.

The story line was, once upon a time there was a  mad man living in a market place.No one paid any attention or had any interest for him.

Sometimes he could find food given by some passers by or local shop keepers. But the food items were almost same all the time. But once the

insane man decided to eat some puff rice but none would offer that to him.Though he was afraid of being  beaten by others his wish for eating puff

rice prevailed and  as decided he saw a shop is selling blackstrap molasses and puff rice. So without wasting any time he at once ran to the shop

and dipped his whole right hand  into the blackstrap molasses jar and then suddenly put his hand on the puff rice.Then he ran away by saying if

fear then it’s fear if not, then no fear.

In moral father always taught that fear is fear until you fear. So go ahead fearlessly in your life. For success in business you need to fear reasonably

not unnecessarily. In life also all the same.

Now let’s talk about faith. Yes. this is one of my favorite word ‘faith’. Faith makes your journey all the very best. Look at a baby while asking for some

chocolates,it ask with faith. He or she does not want to know any reasons,whether the parents have money or not, whether available in the locality or not.

With big faith they just ask. And in most cases they get successful.Is not it amazing? When a believer asks his Lord God for something he ask it with faith

that it will be given to him.And anything you pray with true faith is always given.

Faith is very powerful that in bible it said ” And Jesus answered the,”Truly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what has

been done to the fig tree but even if you say to this mountain, be taken up and thrown into the se, it will happen. And whether you ask in prayer,

you will receive, if you have faith.” MATHEW  21 : 21 – 22

But in caution I must say have faith but don’t be foolish.There is an old expression ,”trust God ,but tie up you camel”

In total it needs fearlessness in general without reasonable reasons and strong faith with reasonable cautions.May it be in your business life or in

daily life you must keep these two words in you  mental factory written in BOLD letters with double underlines and  keep them handy all the times.

Good Luck.

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