Few Golden Ideas for Foods

My father was born in early 1920’s and he made it until 1998.A quite long and healthy life until his last decade.

When he suffered from high blood pressure and shortness in breath.He has beaten up T.B in 1988. And that’s all.

He could not recall any sickness in his entire life. He even escaped Chicken Pox in those days when it was similar like

covid-19 with less knowledge and treatments available in it’s earliest period  and almost all British India has been turned into

a battleground with it’s people and Mr. dead himself of chicken pox. My father even ignored the cautions and in fact embraced

his own dead brother for quite a long time while lamenting out of emotion or grief  who died in those time of sure death as it was

highly contagious.

He shared few ideas about foods which he believed was his reasons for not being sick and his hard immune system. I do hereby pass

them along to you in this great holiday moment of merry christmas 25th day of 2020.

First his philosophy was ” it is better to eat good nutritious foods rather than seeing a doctor.”

Secondly “I would rather never say no to any foods with great health value if it shoots my body and my religion permits”

Thirdly, “I will go for the best taste and quality foods even they call it’s heavily expensive. because I will never be back

to taste them or use them for my body system once I leave this world. And his strong suggestions was for us that you must earn

good to enjoy good foods as I am leaving you with this habit of good taste.”

He used to say that it was a good idea if a father leave his offsprings with good amounts of money  or land or other properties when he died, but not among some great ideas.

One of the great ideas according to him was to educate them as long as they are capable to receive it.

And teach or show them the ways to eat good even with tight budgets and  making it in habits to take healthy foods. He believed that

even you got money it is quite possible to choose wrong foods with big money of no health benefits.

His strong advise was to protect tooth. Therefore no violence to them with foods those impose some serious threats to tooth health.Being the first

army or support system  for the food that may go into your body system and finally mix up with your blood and with all those complexed activities

keep you healthy and fit, you must take good care of them and chew properly.

He used to say, “look animals don’t take too much foods,if  they are satisfied or full they just leave it. But since we were given the dignity of choices

therefore we are careless,and often we miss use it. We must think about quality not quantity.”

His great arguments were you may not die it you eat in portions or less in quantity with quality but you surely will die sooner if you choose wrong foods,

eat more,choose carelessly, unwisely and  be impatient with your foods.

Take foods right on time and don’t try to beat it. In early morning we had breakfasts prepared with a colourful variety of items. My mother always

used to say she would prepare the lunch just before  1 o’clock for the entire family and it was an unwritten rule in our family. There was a tea time

too with lots of traditional food items completely natural. And there was no late night dinner, early dinner helped digestion properly.

Another thing I can recall that my father was a big spender on fruits.On summer days he usually used to bring water melon. And in those days

many retail vendors used to move around to sale fruits door to door with baskets on their head.If those were good in quality he used to buy them all.

May it be mango, lychee whatever.

Particularly I don’t have any idea how many thousands of bananas have I eaten on my father’s lap.

He used to buy bunch of bananas and hang them up for all to pick easily and eat anywhen.

Fish was my father’s best line of food choice specially those with less bones and easy to eat.

He called fish God’s one of the best gifts to mankind.

Barley,sago, isabgol,basil seeds or may it be chirata ; we saw them all in food items at our home.

My father showed us how tasty some cucumber with a pinch of salts simply could be heavenly

on a hot summer afternoon.

His greatest of all advices was may be, understand and then eat for your body’s need, eat them right. When you body needs some fruits

give fruits to it. Don’t put some carbonated sugary drinks.It will not help.It may ruin.

See the price tag. Can you afford ! Will you be able to  cope with the disaster when your body gets too much upset of whatever you are putting inside!

Be aware of what you eat. My brother who died of cancer in his early 40’s had  some really horrible eating habits.

Most of his life he was a restaurant eater, fried food lover. excessive eater of red meat and heavy smoker.His rules was “no rules”.

Before he died he advised me, don’t just eat whatever you are being offered, because it’s your life and certainly you got the final say

of what to take inside what not to.He sorrowfully said, I bullied myself and my internal system every single time possible. Ignored all teaching and family habits.

I am not sure of what really caused my cancer but I could surely lead much more healthier life should I stopped smoking or eat less

restaurant foods,I could surely escape those toxic oils in their foods that they used many times for frying samosas or dal puri and

re-use them in the beef curry or in other foods made in their kitchen,I could reject the ideas of untimely eating habits and

untimely excrete habits and his last advise was,”Don’t follow me”.


I would like to finish this with my father’s T.B situation.He never touched a single drop of alcohol in his whole life or any such addictions

unless he was a chain smoker from an early age, in 1988  he was on medication for around 6 to 8 months for T.B.

Before starting his treatments the wise doctor gave him two choices. Do you want to live or keep smoking?

It was a powerful day. On that auspicious day my father decided once and for all to quit smoking. He never touched ever

again any during his next  or final 10 years.What an example of  promising to own self !  It’s so powerful.





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