Few advises that I compulsorily had to obey and learn during all my childhood from my father and which actually I think had made me more mature and nearly adult in my teenage. And as I lost my father as early as my last teenage years. I think he gave me as many as possible great ideas and advises at an early age which really helped me a lot to get established on my own feet.
I miss my father physically of course but he is always there with me in my inner mind, in my heart. Whenever I need him I can easily get him by remembering all wisdom he passed along to me. I am just equipped with his sayings, remarks and advises which are nothing but real ruthless truth and wisdom all about life and business as a whole.It is just like a continuous comprehension on any given matter or in any matter arises in daily life and business.
My father haven’t left any vacant places. As he used to narrate and depict every incidents happened in his life and how he acted or reacted and how things turned.He would share them all with us.
Anything educative he got to learn or experience he would share those all to us on short dining table discussion time or some nice, good 100% family time. He used to tell us almost every events in his life that has a story with a moral.If I share them with you it is then like a well secured documentary  for you and you will understand how to tackle or deal with them as same or similar events are also going to happen in your lifetime surely.
This world is and will remain all the same regarding human conducts and happenings around you including those in nature.So you should get ready for any new happenings happening to you. If you are better equipped you can win it or at least could save yourself and your family from the misfortune or the bad things could have happened to you.You also can keep a habit to read books that will give you courage and empower you with inner wisdom.A good book should always be there to answer your quests; no matter whether your father or mother or anyone to save guard you in the time when you needed support or shelter were present there or not. Books are there for you.Can do the same job done for you.Protect and groom you, in fact show you the right path on the long ways of darkness, helplessness of life.
Apart from books, my father used to say other few things that you too may find interesting on your journey which we know or normally recognize as “life”.He argued that one can and should always try to keep a doctor away as long as it is possible,and he believed that it was quite possible to stay healthy almost all the lifetime with some simple tricks.
First you must start your day with the name of almighty and thanking him for allowing you for one more day alive.Then just clear up your body wastes immediately gathered from your last day’s food.They are the real toxic, so get them out of you as soon as possible. You must eat to live and you will not live to eat,this should be strictly observed throughout your life time. Because you are solely responsible and can anytime start increasing your habits of eating too much along with two other things. And those two are similarly harmful if you allow them to increase and make them a habit.Yes Fear and sleep.
You must keep a vigilant eye on this three things namely once again is eating, fearing, and sleeping.Eat timely,in moderate portions quality foods,Never say no to a healthy food ,never say “I” don’t eat so and so.Eat ’em all unless your doctor asked to avoid or with some religious issues or may be your body reacts negatively to certain foods.Such as my body is intolerant with caffeine in coffee.Likewise fear reasonably ,don’t bother getting extremely feared or cautioned or be just careless. And for sleeping, following your body’s clock is the best way out there or following the scientists suggestions as per the ever changing scientific new theories or their new findings published. Don’t over sleep or get less sleep.
I can provide you a little testimony regarding this.I simply disobeyed my father’s suggestions in my late 20’s. I thought that I am young enough and with a sound health so let’s work long long hours and I slept days after days poorly for 3 to 5 hours and occasionally not much sleep in some weeks.Working day and night together. And was severely punished with back pain, hair loss and painful joint movements. No sooner I realized I got back to my old routine that I used to follow since childhood and in a month or so later everything was again back on track. I dare not to try ever again.
He also taught that you should stay and lead a clean life.He explained stay clean in clothing, bodily and in heart. Never lie so that you need nothing to recall to say it once again exactly. Because if you lie then you need to remember exactly what have you said at the first time or may need to tell few more lie to support your points. He added always keep your dealings clear and keep any possible messy situation at bay. Never become the victim of your own trap.Try to keep yourself always on the right side of morality and the law.
Allow no one to knock your door untimely who could claim money or anything on the scenario which might make you shameful or put you in unwanted odd situations.He taught rain is one of the best blessings from the almighty to us, therefore it should not be a reason to be absent in school or in duty works.Find opportunities and you can get opportunities and advantages from raining. Some may escape or stay out as it was just a regular rainy day, at least in their mindset of course; but you know that you can take opportunities while others may quit or take a break, specially if you are in business.
Well there are so many things to share and not something that easily possible for me to write on a small essay type writing like this on any given single day. Hope to write more in coming weeks and months or probably in years,  meaning almost all my lifetime  I would like to pass along them to you and I am strongly reluctant to take them with me to my grave bed, May the God Almighty help me so.

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