How to start a business

 Sakim Serniabet


This is a frequently asked question that I encounter and my answer to this is always the same.That is keep calm.And search then you will get the answer all by yourself.For now let me write it down using some points so that you can remember easily.Although there is no hard and fast rule or any prescribed way to follow but my best guess is if someone focus on some of these points, they may find few answers and can also be ready for for questions coming in their minds subsequently.

From me and my site ans channel I welcome you all to read these points and ponder if not memorised.


  1. Search. finish of point number 1. Just search. what how these are head to head questions and I am fully aware of that. My best suggestion is to search.Why don’t you search firstly your very  own self,like who you are ,what is your goals and what do you want to accomplish.I think that should be the first search and you can get your answer all by yourself.
  2. Now as you know of what do you want. Now this is a planning time.Don’t leave any ideas that comes to your mind, assess them all.You may try them all you think you can do best.
  3. In these processing time safe guard your brain.Stick to to plan.Because our brain sometimes can play trick on us.So why not use a pen and some papers or may be using your computer can be a good idea.
  4. Now to execute your plan {as I assume you got some liquidity at hand} divide and rule on your capital.Yes an ancient rule needed to be applied.Don’t use all your money.Otherwise said “don’t put all your eggs on one basket.”.Divide them into 4 big and small portions.
  5. For example if you got $1000.The proposed dividing plan should be {for Example only} Give away 1% – 2% at the very first stage, 10% – 20% invest to some business or projects that may offer you some profits,Now I assume you spent 22% of your capital already, now what to do with the rest 78% of your money? start your planned business with 40% 0f your capital and keep the rest for next occasions.There is always a next time,and you are gonna need money anyway.

So this was the first part and I will be soon with part 2 with you with details

Now I may proclaim that your journey has just started, carry on and good luck.

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