This world is a bit weird place.Sometimes something happens totally unexpected.The planet under the is just build in this way.please don’t ask me why as I was not a member of God’s law making authority. Since I was not present there, I have little to question about that but what I do I keep myself vigilant all the time as a human being. It’s also not fare not  to lend money when somebody you know badly  needs while you got plenty of them with no or little use.

Up till now  it’s alright. Now the question of getting back the money in proposed time is very interesting. If you get your money back from the borrower right on time that’s wonderful.But if there is any “if”, “but” “only”type of re-condition from the borrower then it is time for you to be more tricky to get your money back no matter how long it takes but your efforts and target should be as soon as possible.Here are some tips to get back your money back from a tricky borrower.

Don’t disturb him/her : This is tips no one that you by asking for the money time and time again don’t let him get  a point against you to blame that you disturb unnecessarily.So don’t disturb instead put a mental pressure on him. With a regular interval you remind him that he need to finish this.

Study and approach :Study with every source possible about the real situation or intention of the borrower. Then make your action plan.Sometimes the borrower’s intention might be positive but for some reason he might be falling apart.In this situation you must need to be more flexible with him.But if your sources and other study says otherwise then you might not be so flexible but at the same time not aggressive.

Focus on partial payments : If you find your borrower is not capable to pay it all in one stake then focus on every potion of you money with partial payments.Let him believe that you understand his problem and willing to help in every steps possible.

Receive any installment thankfully : Don’t shout for how small installment might it be .Rather accept it with with a thank you note. And start in a refreshed and recharged way for the unpaid amount.It is important that you must get the money first and talk secondly for the rest of the money.

It’s always diplomacy first lawfully later :In some cases you might need to go to the court to make the settlement with the borrower. But before that you must try in a diplomatic way to find a solution.

To deal in money related matters we must keep documents , papers lawfully agreed, and all necessary papers signed and read carefully  as many times as it takes before signing  it.I hope all the best for your recovery.