What should we do for a better off life ! A burning question of all time to us.From the very first day on earth.

it’s been mankind’s first and supreme quest. Up on a baby is born and it instantly feels the outside environments

too noisy and uncomfortable comparing to the very safe and secure state inside the womb.It feels hungry, cold or

some other discomforts that we may never know. From that time on this searching for betterment,finding a bit ease

is our priority.

And I know there are many explanation regarding such on the knowledge books or let’s say everywhere on the

market place. The question is now which one should you buy?

Well this is of course your personal choice and depends on your custom made needs.Some  may find it in religious

activities.Some may find it in art and literature.Some even may find better life in doing nothing.And at the end of their

life  they usually prays God and thanks Him because the life  is almost over.

Anyway I don’t want to suggest anything but just share my ways.I made a great combination of 3 things as MAJOR in my life

adopted,practiced and made it into a habit and being governed by that golden combination to find a better life apart

from few MINOR  others which also plays vital roles in my life.Because nothing is effectless,in life everything matters.

Be it some small or big incidents or ideas everything matters, not to think so is naive.


For me, I kept bodily and mentally soundness in priority number 1.I must keep them both in order first, no matter what.

The body is actually the place where we do live. That’s why in old scriptures it said thy must care your body as a temple.

That is the only place that we been offered or alloted to dwell  and the fine line in between life and death is that if you

somehow fail to dwell inside in your given body you are no longer in here on earth.So we must understand this and

keep this written in capital letters inside our mind. We may recall this line time and time again. May be underline it or

mark with a marker pen all into our mindset. And mental health is totally equal to the bodily health. I think we all

understand that.Therefore further explanation rather not be necessary.

I always work hard to keep them both in order and it’s a continuous challenge of entire lifetime.


Secondly I keep myself busy with some business which may not only just keep my time in a good useful order but

also I will earn a  living for me and my family so that I am independent.This is very seriously needed.If you are not

financially independent then that  might be the “grade A” challenge in your life and you might never be free.Free to think,

free to work,free to move or take any decisions in your life freely. May it be a job or business you must earn your living.

For me I gone for self employment.It allows me more freedom.


And finally  the main strategy that I kept is keep investing.If you do invest in property or in the market place  or in other sector

this gives you the proper control of your own life. If you want to take charge of your own life, you better be an investor.

This is a power position. It will take you to your cherished destination by the course of time.So the earliest is the best.

Never underestimate the power of investments.You being the lender you are the master. An ancient scripture says the lender

is the master and the borrower is the servant. Well in present days we actually don’t define this issue in this manner but still the

ideology is pretty much the same though in a more modern, respectable way for both sides.


Now these are three corner stone that keep me well and keep going.

I found in  my own very quest to the better life is healthy both bodily and mentally, having some earnings  and  keeping time on

my  side to favor me.As a self employed businessman I enjoy more freedom,which is great. And finally I am a serious investor.

This makes me more better off day by day. Because one thing is really very true about time is it surely passes. Haven’t learnt to

stand still. And  time passes in a  more relaxed vibes in my case in which I also find to do some other things to do or add in my life.


Now these small efforts also makes me more better off in my life. But these could only be derived from the MAJOR 3 things.

I get to do some charity works like cook food all by myself for elderly people who are in difficulties.Make some time to pray and

bade my sincere thanks to the almighty for making me capable to work and as still kept me alive. And through social media or in

some group gathering I am fortunate enough to share  some of my experiences among the youngsters and to public in general.

Hope this gave you few ideas to ponder.Just make your own choice as it is your life. Make it better.Make it fruitful. Good luck.

God bless us all.


All my efforts are just to ensure that I have not lived in vain. And when my final time arrives I can say thanks God for all your

blessings and so precious time that have been given to me. When you are actually praying to God for these all, It means

you are blessed. Believe me. Heavenly God with His Godly great passion silently observing us.Now here on earth we are to

act and He suppose watch and monitor us closely. And He is hoping us to good to the fellow mankind.Help is other.In life

and in business or in anything we do God wants us to create a win win situation for all.Because this is His beloved world.

He took great care in creating us and all. And we are here to manifest and carry on His will.If we follow and approach

towards these : I think that is a better life indeed.