Do you have any idea that up until now you were selling goods or services which were not exactly  #1 products or services!

Your employers or those companies for which you were working never told you the truth. They simply used you or your time

and efforts. They gained hugely while your just got few pennies. Is not that horrific?

You been working for only in the name of “JOB” or BUSINESS” and tried your best to sell any products or services that you

believed were worthy or someone suggested you that way.

But end of that story starts from here right now. I am telling you your number one #1 product were you yourself. Therefore

you must be careful  how to present yourself in the market place and you must work on your true value.You only can work

on that and be really realistic and honest to yourself.

Now once you are aware of your true value then you can start selling yourself. Listen very carefully when you know this secret

about how to sell yourself in the market place at the first place then any products or services or anything that you wanted to

sell could be sold so easily and with dignity. Your sales are bounded to be increased significantly.

See a child and you can learn a very good lesson. Children sa in fact world’s #1 sales persons and no one really notices that.

For the demands as they are up to, they will play all the tricks on the books and some may be from nowhere.All they know that

they want that chocolate or toys or anything. And their efforts are so direct so often and they really never gives up until they

get it. These are called great efforts or do or die efforts and in most cases they wins.

In your course also you need to know your value and your acceptance level and work primarily on yourself only. Give yourself a

A+++ and start selling yourself.

Look on yourself, the way you dress up. If it is not in right order just change it right away.

Care passionately on your way of speaking, if you feel  even a slightest lack of sincere approach or modesty or poor in pronunciation

quality, I suggest you  to work on that right away.

If you are not in a habit of reading good books I request to to read few with routine.At least fix some in your schedule.And that

will surely help.

Cut your TV times or Online time dedicated turn it to self improvement time. Talk to yourself, make your own showtime where you

are the actor and you are the audience. Constantly try to Improve in both these two lines. It will help you to sell anything and

everything  no matter wherever you are.

When you are so ready in every aspects then it’s not a big deal for you to sale anything.

For example we usually watch a big name in film industry is being a model of some products or services. He or she may not

know all details or be an expert on the products. But when we see him or her we start thinking that this product must good

because so and so personality participated in the advertisement and supporting the cause.

Why and what makes us to think so? Yes that is their image or acceptance. It makes us believe that this guy will never

compromise with his fame and name so what he or she is saying must be true.

So now you know what is being sold at the first place? The actor ?actress or the products and services that they are

trying to sale ?

I hope that now you completely understand that it’s you who needs to be in command.If you are salable you can sale

it all.

You being the world’s number one #1  sales person needed to be aware of it fully.Otherwise everything is nothing but a

waste. So start working on yourself. You can be a little childish and can have it all. Don’t give up. Try this way that way

or anyway. Make yourself capable in dress up, in the way of talking, in learning new ideas, in style of gestures. These

all are your homeworks.

Once you understand the power of your ownself, the real value of your ownself ; you can turn a stone into some kind

of gems literally.

Therefore from now on start working on your very own self. Because without any doubt I do hereby proclaim you to be

the world’s number #1 PRODUCT.

If you can sale yourself, stage is yours. There you can sale anything and everything.