fact one of the great tourist destination.Life is safe and sound.Crime rate is very very low compare to other developed countries.Women are more safe in this country.This is my journey to hong kong island by ferry or boat.It is called the famous “Star Ferry”.Cheap and enjoyable ;common and favorite to both local and tourists.

Hong kong is a collective city of many islands.Biggest three is Kowloon,Hong kong and New territories.The harbour line is unique in the world.I am planning to make videos in some remarkable places in hong kong.

You can take photo my.lifeandwisdom.blogspot.com
In front of the Star Ferry with a giant cruise ship.

 Hope you liked it but there are thousands of good tips and secrets to visit Hong kong and get most memorable journey in life ; which I would like to give you gradually in text ,in photo and in videos.SO CHEERS UP GUYS.